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Living with the Enemy

When would you have asked yourself that the dental care you received years ago – root canals, amalgam fillings – could be the cause of the pathologies that you are currently suffering from?

This idea is something I suspected many years ago.  There was a strong instinct in me.  Every time I provided treatment to a patient, something was telling me I was not doing the right thing.  That there was something in the care I was providing that was not correct.

One of the questions I constantly asked myself was “how does one replace conventional treatments with biocompatible ones?”.  

We should be able to replace destroyed tooth enamel with an aesthetically pleasing white resin that has similar properties to the tooth instead of continuing to use amalgam material full of mercury.    

There must also be a way to replace a complete tooth in a harmonious, non-invasive and biocompatible way!

Over the years I began investigating and diving into issues of dental materials, procedures and their impact on human health, immunity, blood chemistry, supplements, biofunctional medicine, etc.  After 30 years of professional dentistry and 10 years of almost exclusive execution of biological dentistry, I have learned enough to understand how to help heal patients with the understanding that it is their mouth – the oral cavity – that is triggering their symptoms and dis-ease.  It is the mouth that is responsible for this crucial disharmony in their well-being.

Part of my work has been helping patients realize that their previous dentists placed hundreds of different materials in their mouth and that these must resonate with our biology otherwise they will ABSOLUTELY short circuit our environment. While it is true, young people have a better capacity to buffer toxins and eliminate them over time, the human being wears out and thus also wears out his endocrine, excretory, immune system, and other bodily systems.

This is why so many are suffering and why so many are literally paying for their declining health for the long term.  If we, as individuals, we have not dedicated time to our bodies, logic and intelligence to determine what could eventually bring it out of its correct balance with nature, we will suffer. Scientists say today: every person who has dental treatment in their mouth is a person at risk for developing any pathology.

It is true dentistry in many aspects has been tremendously useful in our lives, it has helped us to pass the pain (performing root canal treatments), it has helped us to align our teeth (placing metal braces in our mouths) it has helped us to eliminate bothersome teeth (performing extractions after they would become cavities), and of course has helped us to restore tooth lost due to cavities (placing amalgam with mercury or resins with BIS GMA).

YES it is true, we have helped our patients for many years to solve acute fears, but who would say that over time it would transform into other problems … silent and often chronic that does not allow us to live in harmony with nature.


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