This is the very first time worldwide experience of having Biological Dentistry at home! I can accompany you to help you to retrieve your health if the origin of pathology is the mouth. You will get advice from a very expert professional with hundreds of patients treated in Chile and Italy. I will be there for you if you need to get in touch and have any inquiry.

Virtual consultation

Are you looking for a dental professional who will take the time to look into your health history to better understand why you are suffering?

After reviewing all of your health history, I will take the time to explain to you where the problem is coming from as well as present solutions to you. We will then continue to work together, if possible, to resolve these issues or I will recommend you to your nearest Biological Dentist.


$ 150
  • Review medical records
  • Personal interview with Dr. Claudia Marin Diez
  • Personal Follow-up plan

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