I am Claudia Marin Diez and I am a Biological and Antiaging Dentist DDS licenced in the USA and the European Community. I am an ambassador of IAOMT (international Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) in Italy and Chile.

I believe that the key to our health resides in our mouths! While many professionals may say that “health begins in the gut”, I instead say “health begins in the mouth”! Too many individuals are sick and their doctors are unable to provide the answer to where the pathology started from.

This is where Biological Dentistry comes in!

I believe I was destined to become a dentist. In college, I was fascinated by studying DNA and the biological processes of the environment. Interestingly, however, what most caught my attention even more was the brain. I was captivated by how the human mind worked and what our behaviors respond to. I enjoyed studying spirituality, as well as beauty, art and its derivatives.

The first thing that catches my attention when I meet another person is their smile. It expresses more of their genuine essence than we can even imagine. Through a smile, you can identify a doorway to an individual’s vital energy.

I combined my studies of spirituality and science which led me towards several postgraduate studies, and careers around the world. I have also met a variety of outstanding professionals from all continents with whom I have arrived at important conclusions. I even made a diploma on NLP to help patients from a different point of view.

So I began to understand more deeply WHY people were getting sick. And that turned into my passion today: finding the origin of imbalance so that I can work with my patients from the root of it all to restore their smile and ultimately, their health.

Unifying Mind, Body and Soul is the purest way to understand the ideal state that considers a full existence. There are multiple factors that help us balance these dimensions, however becoming aware that they exist opens doors to new levels of understanding about the development and experimentation of human existence. We all want to experience a full life, to understand those little subtleties that help us start this path. The Dimension of Biological Dentistry is my contribution to your path.

I am also passionate about spreading the knowledge of Biological Dentistry to all dental professionals! I have met many great scientists and leading professionals in this field around the world including Dr. Boyd Halley, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. James Rota, Dr. Johann Lechner, Dr. Blanche Grube, and my close collaborator and supporter, Anita Vazquez-Tibau.

I have learned a lot from each of them as I listened to their talks and their positions on health. They are incredibly ethical people, with passion for their work. Like me, they are professionals who want to make changes in this world by educating everybody on the truths of health and the world.

One of my biggest beliefs is in the ban of mercury from the dental profession and I have been supported in this endeavour by Anita Vazquez-Tibau. Ms. Tibau is a researcher, writer, and international advocate who has been working on a global ban of dental mercury amalgam for two decades.

I believe everyone should have access to this paradigm and am happy to refer patients to a biological dentist in their area as well as consult with dental clinics on how to transform their practice from conventional to biological!

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“My passion is helping others to heal so that they can experience true health that allows them grow, evolve, and thrive as human beings”

– Claudia