The Silent Call to Biological Dentistry

10 years ago I received a call from a very good friend of mine from Spain. I was in Italy. I was looking at the vineyard in the island in the Mediterranean where lived at the time, and she told me, “Claudia I have a book that may be changing the path of our lives – we need to read it.”  I went back to Chile where my origins are, and I ordered this book. I started reading it and started sharing it with friends of mine.  This made a great change in my life.

This book talked about unification, about the dimensions that we live in.  About the Universe and its laws.  In another call with my friend she said to me, “please Claudia, promise me you won’t ever in your life put an amalgam into your patients. Never do that because I am poisoned with mercury. I did an exam in Germany and they found it out.” She had been experiencing so much pain and feeling very bad for many years.  I already knew about the toxicity of mercury and had never placed an amalgam in my 29 years of profession, except during the university years where they required you to do it in order to graduate. But what I did not know was that removing an amalgam was quite dangerous for the patient, for my assistant and for myself because of the mercury vapors that are released during the removal.

Becoming aware of mercury toxicity changed my ways

So this was the period where I started the new chapter in my profession: the reading of that book and the awareness of my friend. From that day I started hesitating about all the toxicity that we are facing every single day us dentists when we work with so many materials and in touch with different microorganisms so there it started my research. I wanted to help my patients so bad.  Ever since that time, I have gone through many certifications, courses, conferences and post-graduate programs. I have met many other dentist around the world that work against toxicity in dentistry – a small but significant group of professionals called biological dentist today.

A real meaningul new path in dentistry

I can say that I’m very proud that I took this path in dentistry because from there I can really help my patients to recover from all the diseases they may have when the oral cavity is the responsible. We already know as scientist and clinicians that the oral cavity is creating at least 60% of the chronic diseases and now we have access to all that information through science that has researched so thoroughly.

Medicine and dentistry hand in hand

That is why medicine and dentistry need to be linked tighter we need to work together doctors and dentist and be unified looking forwards a real help for humanity as that book said:  in order to heal in order to help human beings to be healthy so we can experiment our path in this earth in a very correct way, happy, evolving so I am here to help humanity and collaborate with future generations to become better and healthy people.

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