Virtual Dental Check-Up


Are you looking for a dental professional who will take the time to look into your health history to better understand why you are suffering?

Are you unable to find a trusted dental professional in your area?

Then a Virtual Dental Check-Up is for you! No office visit necessary, no consultation needed (unless you want one!).

With a Virtual Check-Up, you will send me all pertinent information for review. This includes any medical records and files you have that are associated with your current health predicament (ex: x-rays, health histories). If you do not have any medical records to share, then a Virtual Consultation is the better option for you.  Approximately 48 hours after confirming receipt of all documents, I will respond to you with my professional opinion on your dental health status.

I will also recommend you to the nearest Biological Dentist in your area so that you can get the appropriate work done safely!