What exactly does Biological Dentistry include?  You may have heard or read about this different approach.  Or maybe you heard about “holistic dentistry” and assume it is the same.  Although “holistic” and “biological” dentistry are similar, there are important differences!

Below you will read about what Biological Dentistry is all about and what you can expect from visiting a Biological Dentist.

Biological dentistry is a philosophy that is designed to look at whole body health, not just the mouth.  This is where one would conclude that “holistic” and “biological dentistry” are the same.  However, Biological Dentistry goes further!

Rather than just treating the patient, Biological Dentistry is meant to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  And it does this by using minimally invasive procedures, state of the art technologies, and biocompatible restorative materials.  This way, the body is supported properly so that it is able to experience health and vitality.

When a patient visits a biological dentist, it is not just their mouths that are looked at.  Rather, a Biological Dentist considers a patient’s entire toxic burden and overall health history.  It is the patient’s entire system that is important, not just their current oral situation.  It is the biological terrain in total that is of importance to a Biological Dentist, and so this is what is addressed.

In recent years, medicine and dentistry have made great strides, greatly improving the understanding that what happens inside the mouth – good or bad – will impact the health of the patient.

Added to these scientific findings is the fact that many procedures and compounds used in the past for dental prostheses have become obsolete and have been found to be harmful.

Among these is dental amalgam, which has been used for over 175 years, while the color is “silver”, these fillings are actually 48-54% mercury, a known neuro-toxin.

The job of biological dentistry is to remove all of the harmful toxins and products from the patient’s mouth. This is accomplished by doing a complete dental revision, which means restoring the mouth as holistically as possible using the most biocompatible materials to restore the oral cavity.

Besides using biocompatible materials, removing mercury amalgam means following strict protocols to ensure that the patient is ready befor the procedure and supported afterwards so to minimize any toxic overload from the release of harmful chemicals.  Biological Dentists use engineering controls such as special masks with filters for air and a system of aspirations in a controlled and aseptic environment.  

Biological dentists provide total protection for the patient, the staff, and the dentists him/herself.

From my perspective and knowledge, Biological Dentistry’s number one goal is to STOP THE DISEASE.  Not just put a bandaid on it.

Everything in this world is connected and when there is imbalance in one, the rest is affected.  The same goes for our bodies.  We are all made differently so each of us requires our own understanding of what balance is for us.  That is why we cannot say something is good for all or bad for all (except for mercury, that is certainly bad!).  

All human beings react differently to a stimulus, a food, an experience.  Therefore,  Biological Dentistry is essential in making decisions about a patient’s dental treatment.  Because it considers the WHOLE person, as an individual.

After examining your mouth, Biological Dentists also look into:

  • The history of your treatments
  • When your first filling was put in
  • The types of materials used in your dental care
  • What was the result of any restorations: a crown? A root canal?

Biological Dentists start with the disease (i.e., a dead tooth inside the mouth) but then think “how do I deal with this tooth?  What types of materials will be compatible with this individual’s body?” etc.  

We ask questions that go beyond the conventional approaches because we know one size does NOT fit all.

In short, there are so many complex scenarios that unfold in one mouth throughout the life of the human being. Lack of dentistry or wrong dentistry are just as damaging to your health.

It is for all of the above reasons that I am here today, providing services and tools so that YOU can finally start seeing the light and understand that YOUR BODY CAN HEAL!  

And that healing can start with your mouth.

 If you feel a Biological Dentist may be what you need to resolve chronic health issues, then click HERE to schedule your free discovery call.  My intention is to help you recover the balance lost in your health by providing guidance through Biological Dentistry, Antiaging Medicine and Functional Medicine.

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