Typically, by the time someone learns about Biological Dentistry, they have already been harmed by conventional dental treatments.

Maybe they have had multiple mercury fillings over the years.

Maybe they had a root canal many years ago that led them to ever increasing health complications (and they likely didn’t make the connection between the two!)

Whatever it may be, the good news is that there is a way to reverse what has been done.  There is a protocol that allows a patient to remove or correct the previous treatment and replace it with one that is biocompatible to them!

This protocol was called a “Total Dental Revision” (TDR) by Dr. Hal Huggins, a pioneer in the practice Biological Dentistry.

A dental revision starts with a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s oral health status, medical history, and current health symptoms.

This is followed by an extensive clinical examination to see if a patient has decay, gum disease, abscesses, titanium implants, metal crowns, cavitations, root canals, etc.

This step by step process also includes investigating current dental materials in the patient’s mouth and how toxic those materials are to the patient by analyzing the blood and hair reports.

This approach goes beyond the mouth.  Patients are required to get blood work done to look at the following:

  • Blood chemistry of your intake of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein)
  • CBC, which allows your doctor to understand what your immune system status is
  • Biocompatibility test, which can tell your doctor which dental materials are compatible with your body. 

It is also required that you send in a hair sample for a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to look into your body’s mineral status. 

A treatment plan is then established to restore the mouth using the most biocompatible materials that are least reactive to the patient.  All work in the oral cavity is done in a specific order and in a specific way so patients must be properly educated prior to starting a TDR. 

This integrated system incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery. 

As soon as possible, patients are instructed to start their specific nutritional protocols which will help their bodies avoid further health consequences and heal faster.  Many patients may require an additional detox protocol, but this is determined by their doctor. 

The Huggins/Grube Protocol is devoted to providing education and alternatives to dental materials and practices that may be connected to a variety of health issues. It has indeed been proven that many of our chronic health problems have been caused by damage from dental fillings (mercury-based fillings), root canals, cavitations, diet and environmental toxins. 

The damage from these toxins, has a tendency to push our immune systems over the edge.

If you feel you may be a candidate for a Total Dental Revision, you can schedule a FREE call to discuss your concerns with me.  I am dedicated to helping people understand their health issues on a deeper level as well as help them find competent caregivers who are properly trained in dental procedures, including Dental Revisions.