Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

$100.00 1 hour

When someone understands what is going on with them, something magical happens!

It’s as if they have become empowered with the ability to heal.

If you have been living with pain, discomfort, and unanswered questions about your dental and/or overall health, this virtual consultation will be what you need to finally start the healing process!

Biological Dentistry goes beyond dental health and takes a holistic approach to your health.  We are not beings made of separate parts that function separate of each other.  When one part of our body is out of balance or suffering from dis-ease, our entire body can be impacted.

This is why a thorough dental consultation is necessary for those dealing with systemic issues and why this virtual consultation could be the answer you have been searching for.

After reviewing all of your health history, I will take the time to explain to you where the problem is coming from as well as present solutions to you.  We will then continue to work together, if possible, to resolve these issues or I will recommend you to your nearest Biological Dentist